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Fire Precautions


The following precautions must be complied with when using, blow lamps, blow torches, flame guns, hot air guns or angle grinders. Non compliance may result in a claim being refused.

The area in which work is to be carried out is to be examined and combustible property within the vicinity of the work removed, or as far as practicable covered by non-combustible materials.

Suitable fire extinguishing appliances to be kept available for immediate use at the point of work or as near as is practicable.

Blow lamps, blow torches, and flame guns not to be lighted until required for use and extinguished immediately after use.

Lighted blow lamps, blow torches, and flame guns not to be left unattended.

Hot air guns to be switched off when unattended.

Upon completion of each period of work a thorough fire safety check to be made of the vicinity of the work.

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