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Tradesman's Liability Quotation

To calculate your own premium select your trade from the list below, check for cover restrictions in the trade notes and then read off the premium applicable to your business.

Please note:

1.We are only able to offer cover for the trades listed below. If your trade is not listed then unfortunately we will not be able to offer a quotation.

2. Describe your business accurately. e.g if you are a roofer, don't call yourself a builder; because you won't be covered. (A builder doesn't go on to a flat roof and lay on hot roofing felt etc.). (As you might have guessed we are unable to cover roofers).

3.This policy is only available to those who live and work within England, Scotland or Wales.

4. The quotations are based on you being in business for the last 3 years

How to calculate the correct premium

If you are self employed and do not have any employees then all you need is Public liability for yourself only.

If you are a builder with one employee you would need 2 Public Liability covers and one Employers Liability.

If there are two of you trading as a limited company you will need 2 X Public liability cover and also 2 X Employers Liability cover, as you are both treated as employees of your company.

The table below shows the premium for:

Public Liability to 5,000,000 (we do not offer any other level of cover)

Employers Liability to 10,000,000

Premium includes £15 policy fee

Trade Trade Notes Public Liability Premium (per person) Employers Liability Premium (per person)
Aerial Erectors 208 190
Artexers 125 105
Builders 189 136
Carpenters (excluding woodworking machinists) 125 100
Carpet Fitters 8 135 100
Double Glazing Contractors 189 136
Electrical Contractors 2 & 7 125 100
Glazing Contractors 189 136
Domestic Kitchen Fitters & Installers 1 175 100
Gardeners incl Landscapers 4 & 10 135 100
Painters & Decorators (Not Industrial) (subject to £500 claim excess) 1 & 3 200 145
Plasterers & Dry Liners 125 100
Plumbing & Heating Engineers (not industrial) (subject to £500 claim excess) 1 745 170
Shop Fitters 1 189 145
Sign Writers/Erectors 10 125 100

Trade Notes

If an occupation has a "Trade Notes" numbers along side it the key below explains it's meaning.

1. These occupations are restricted to work in or on private dwellings, shops, offices, public houses, guest houses, & hotels with no more than 4 storeys and single storey industrial units (not exceeding 8m in height).

2. Excluding the failure of the product to perform it's function.

3. Excluding the use of cradles.

4. Excluding tree felling, lopping or the use of explosives.

5. Excluding cover for plumbing, central heating or external aerial work.

6. Excluding mechanical plant.

7. Excluding cover for external aerial work.

8. Excluding damage to property being worked upon.

9. Excluding Professional Services.

10. Excluding the use of heat

11. Excluding work on the exterior of buildings

12. 1 Metre depth limit

13. Excluding manual work

All the trades are subject to the following Hazardous Work Endorsement. "The policy excludes demolition (unless part of a rebuilding contract otherwise insured by the policy), work on railway premises, watercraft, blast furnaces, chimney shafts, collieries, dams, gas works, mines, power stations, steeples, towers, tunnels, viaducts, quarries, chemical works, oil refineries, fuel depots, bridges, canals, docks, piers, wharves, pile driving, water diversion, sub aqua work or use of explosives".

How to arrange cover

1. Complete the short form below.

2. We will then contact you (normally within 24 hours) and confirm the premium and cover details.

3. If you decide to go ahead your credit card details can be taken over the phone and immediate cover can usually be granted.

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