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Holiday Tips


Before you go away


* Check passports, visas and other travel documents. Make sure you have had all the necessary vaccinations.

* Cancel newspapers, milk and any other regular deliveries.

*Ask a friend or relative to visit your home every day.

*Lock all outside doors and windows, but not internal doors which may be forced, causing further damage if someone breaks in.

During the winter:

*Leave the heating on low 24 hours a day.

*Leave the loft hatch open to allow warm air to circulate. This will help to prevent tank and pipes from freezing.



*Check the tap water is safe to drink. Unless you know it is safe, always drink bottled water and avoid ice in your drinks.

*The sun on holiday can be a lot more powerful than you are used to. To prevent sunburn and sun stroke, take care not to stay out in strong sunlight.

*Think before you dive. Check the depths of swimming pools and the sea.

*If you need regular medication take enough with you to last your whole holiday. You should also take an extra supply and pack this elsewhere in case you lose your first supply.

*Please ask for and follow local advice on health and safety in your resort area.

*Do not pack valuables, money and important documents in the baggage you check in at the airport. Keep them with you at all times during your journey.

*Do not carry more cash than you need and use traveller's cheques if possible.

* If you are taking valuable items on holiday, insure them under an 'all risks' section of your home contents policy.

*If you are camping do not leave valuable items in your tent when you are not there.

* Always unload your vehicle when you reach your destination and take your baggage into your accommodation. If you stop overnight en route, leave as little as possible in your car.

* Do take extra care when driving abroad and make sure you understand local motoring rules.

*Always take care to park your vehicle in a safe, well-lit place and, if possible, put it in a locked garage at night.


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