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Let Property Cover

Cover for damage caused by: Theft or attempted theft, but not damage:

(a) that does not involve entry to or exit from the premises by forcible and violent means;

(b) that does not involve actual or threatened assault or violence or use of force at the premises against the insured or any person legally on the premises;

(c) to any property from any garden, yard, open space or outbuilding not attached to the main building;

(d) arising while the premises are empty or not in use;

(e) to coin operated machines or their contents;

(f) by any person in the employ or service of the Insured or lawfully on the premises.


See also General Conditions

This information is meant as a guide only. The policy you receive may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Further restrictions and exclusions may apply when the property is unoccupied.

A specimen of the full policy wording is available on request.