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Let Property Insurance Cover

Loss of Rent Cover

The Company shall indemnify the Insured against loss of rent and costs of alternative accommodation as a result of damage to property insured and for which the company has admitted liability

The amount payable shall be in respect of

(a) Loss of rent receivable - the amount by which the rent receivable during the indemnity period in consequence of the damage falls short of the rent which would have been received during the indemnity period but for the damage.

(b) Additional Expenditure - the additional expenditure necessarily and reasonably incurred for the sole purpose of avoiding or diminishing the loss of rent which but for that expenditure would have taken place during the indemnity period in consequence of the damage but not exceeding the reduction in rent avoided by the expenditure.

(c) Cost of Alternative Accommodation - the reasonable additional cost of alternative residential accommodation incurred in excess of the amount payable under (b) on behalf of lessees or tenants of those premises occupied for residential purposes during the period necessary to restore their respective parts of the premises to a habitable condition but not exceeding 50% of the Sum Insured on rent receivable.


Less any sum saved during the indemnity period in respect of such charges and expenses of the business as may cease or be reduced as a consequence of the damage.

The maximum amount payable in any one Period of Insurance will be the sum insured on rent.


See also General Conditions

This information is meant as a guide only. The policy you receive may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Further restrictions and exclusions may apply when the property is unoccupied.

A specimen of the full policy wording is available on request.