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Let Property Insurance Cover

Cover for damage caused by accidental damage excluding damage:

(a) by the specified perils or by any of the causes expressly excluded from them;

(b) to a building or structure caused by its own collapse or cracking;

(c) resulting from any process or production, packing, treatment, testing, commissioning, maintenance, servicing or repair;

(d) caused by:

(i) pollution or contamination;

(ii) inherent vice, latent defect, gradual deterioration, wear and tear, frost, faulty or defective design or materials:

(iii) faulty or defective workmanship, operational error or omission by the Insured or any of his employees;

(iv) corrosion, rust, wet or dry rot, shrinkage, evaporation, loss of weight, dampness, dryness, marring or scratching, vermin or insects;

(v) change in temperature, colour, flavour, texture or finish;

(vi) joint leakage, the failure of welds, cracking, fracturing, collapse or overheating of boilers, economisers, superheaters, pressure vessels or any range of steam and feed piping connected to them;

(vii) its own mechanical or electrical breakdown or derangement of machinery or equipment;

(viii) acts of fraud or dishonesty;

(ix) disappearance, unexplained or inventory shortage, misfiling or misplacing information.

(e) to property or structures in course of construction or erection and materials or supplies connected with them.


See also General Conditions

This information is meant as a guide only. The policy you receive may vary depending on your individual circumstances.

Further restrictions and exclusions may apply when the property is unoccupied.

A specimen of the full policy wording is available on request.