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Acceptance Criteria for Let Property Insurance

We are able to offer competitive premiums for most let properties. We do however have some restrictions which are noted below.

1. We do not cover properties let to students or asylum seekers.

2. We do not cover properties where the tenancy agreement is with a Local Authority, Housing Association or Council. The tenancy agreement must be between the landlord and tenant. It does not matter if the tenant is claiming benefit provided the tenancy agreement is with the Tenant and in his or her name.

3. We are unable to cover Multi-Tenanted properties, or bedsits, e.g 3 tenants occupying a 3 bedroom house. If the property has been converted into flats all the flats must be self-contained with no shared facilities.

4. The tenancy agreement must be an assured shorthold tenancy of not less than 6 months. We do not cover holiday lets.

5. We cannot arrange cover on a property which is unoccupied.

6. The property must not have a flat roof of over 20% of the total roof area.

7. The premises must not be over 300 years old.

8. We do not offer Landlords contents cover unless we are also covering the buildings.

If you can comply with these restrictions please enter here for a quotation.