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All premiums are inclusive of insurance premium tax & £15 policy fee..

Sum Insured

This policy is designed for "Office based" trades e.g Consultants, Secretaries etc. It is not designed for retailers or mail order businesses.

Please also note we can no longer cover those engaged in the computer industry. This includes Computer Engineers, Software Designers or programmers.


How to arrange cover

If you would like to arrange cover simply select one of the premium options from the table above and then complete the form below and press the submit button. We will then send you an e-mail to confirm receipt of your details and a proposal form will then be posted to you.

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Homes in certain Post Code areas are subject to minimum security requirements. This policy is not available for certain occupations, including market traders, bailiffs, debt collectors, car, mini cab or taxi hire, bookmakers or party plan agents. Cover is not available in Northern Ireland.

The quoted premiums are subject to your home being:

In England, Scotland or Wales.

Occupied solely by you and your family.

Built of brick or stone walls with slate or tiled roof.

In a good state of repair and regularly attended at night.

You must also be able to confirm:

You have never been refused insurance or had special terms imposed.

You have not made any home or office claims in the last three years.

You have not been declared bankrupt or had any convictions involving dishonesty.

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