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The Policy indemnifies the Insured against accidental loss of or damage to the Buildings, comprising the block of flats and its domestic outbuildings, swimming pools, tennis courts, squash courts, walls, fences, gates and hedges, landlords fixtures and fittings and contents of the common areas.

The policy also includes:

a) Accidental Damage to cables or underground pipes and septic tanks providing services to and from the Buildings.

b) Architects and Surveyors Fees necessarily incurred in the reinstatement of the Buildings, and Debris Removal Costs

c) Additional costs of reinstatement of the Buildings necessarily incurred to comply with building or other regulations.

d) Loss of rent receivable and additional cost of alternative accommodation including Residents pets (subject to policy limits).

e) Trace and Access cover following damage by escape of water. Limit is normally £5000

f) Landlord's Gardening Equipment provided it is securely locked away.

g) Loss of metered water following damage by an insured peril.

h) Replacement of locks following loss of or theft of keys.

i) Damage to gardens caused by Emergency Service Vehicles.

j) Communal Area Contents - cover usually limited to £5,000. Communal carpets are included under the buildings cover.

k) Employers Liability - Limit of Liability 10,000,000

l) Public Liability - Limit of Liability 2,000,000.

m) Terrorism Cover- All policies taken out or renewed after the 1st January 2003 will basically exclude claims for terrorist acts. This cover can however be purchased for an additional premium. When we provide a quotation for your block of flats we will also indicate a premium for terrorism cover.

n) Index Linking - The sums insured are adjusted each month to take account of inflation.

o) The interests of Freehold owners, Leasehold owners for the time being and their Mortgagees.

The main exclusions are as follows:

The first £100 of most claims are excluded increasing to 1,000 of each claim for loss or damage by Subsidence, Landslip and Heave. Sometimes this excess is increased depending on the location of the block.

Damage arising from wear, tear, settlement or shrinkage, wet or dry rot, vermin, insects, pets, fungus, atmospheric, climatic or weather conditions (other than storm or flood) or any gradually operating cause.

The use of defective materials, defective design or faulty workmanship and any building work comprising alterations, renovations, additions and repairs to the building.

The cost of maintenance or normal redecoration.

Please remember this is a summary of the cover and meant as a guide only. The full terms and conditions of the policy are available on request.


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